See https://www.scouts.org.uk/coronavirus/ for more details on the current guidelines

The 1st Dunchurch Scout Group provides fun, challenge and adventure to around 50 boys and girls aged 6-14 in the Dunchurch area as part of the Scout Association. This website provides details on the 1st Dunchurch Scout Group and the Scout Association in general so please take the time to look around and don't hesitate to Contact Us with any queries you may have.

We're always looking for more assistance; take a look at this link if you'd like to find out more - www.scouts.org.uk/get-involved.

There are three scouting sections at the 1st Dunchurch Scout Group which meet during school term times and links below with information on each section.

  • The Beaver Scout Colony (Draycote) (ages 5 ¾ to 8) meets on Mondays - NB not active at the moment as we've no Beaver Leaders.

  • The Cubs Scout Pack (ages 8 to 10½) meets on Mondays.

  • The Cubs Scout Pack (ages 8 to 10½) meets on Wednesdays.

  • The Scout Troop (ages 10½ to 14) meets on Thursdays.

There is a handbook with further details for the parents of young people in the 1st Dunchurch - please let us know if you haven't had a copy. The 1st Dunchurch Scout Group uses a Google Group to circulate information to parents about activities and events. Visit the 1st Dunchurch Scout Group's Google Group.

We are a popular local group with a significant waiting list for new Beavers (and other sections if needed) so if you want your child (or younger sibling) to join please register your interest now; and please don't wait until they are six to say you'd like them to join Beavers!

We also have a Twitter Feed and a Facebook Page because everything does!

If you'd like to support the 1st Dunchurch by making a charitable donation, please contact us.