We get enquires regarding kit etc so have included this page on the website. There is also a sample kit list for camping.

Pack it yourself for Camp!

Please note that children should be encouraged to find out for themselves what is necessary and pack it themselves. All items should be clearly labelled with the young person’s name. Please remember not to bring your best clothes as they could get spoilt. Please remember it could be cold and wet so do bring some warm clothes. It is best to pack a rucksack or other bag that you can carry on your back and suitcases are entirely unsuitable for use in tents. Do remember, to bring enough clothes for the length of the camp. Please note that members are required to travel in Uniform to and from camps.

Electronics / Phones

Electronic devices are not permitted on camps (e.g. Gameboys / Ipods / Digital Cameras) but scouts can bring a mobile phone as we've given up telling them not to! Please note that there will be limited scope to charge phones so they will be turned off for most of the time. Finally phones are taken on camp at your risk not the Scout Associations so please don’t take an expensive phone and complain if it gets damaged! If in doubt leave it at home.


Beaver and Cubs do not use knives and there is no scouting need for either Beavers or Cubs to get a knife.

However knives are used, under supervision, from time to time by scouts during camps and other outdoor activities. Please note that scouts should never bring knives to section meetings unless explicitly asked to by the scout leaders for a particular activity. It is recognised that many scouts like to get their own knife to bring on camp and therefore we provide the following guidance. Scouts can only have a small lock knife with a blade not longer than 3 inches.

In Rugby, White and Bishop sell a range of knives and something like the Whitby Mini Titan with a 2 inch blade would be suitable (

If you’re looking to get something off the web; an alternative would be an Opinel Knife ( and the Number 6 Knife has a 7cm blade which is the biggest that should be used.

Cycling – Helmets and Lights

Please note that cycle helmets must be worn for all cycling activities to comply with our insurance requirements. Children without helmets will be stopped from taking part. Also, we would encourage those scouts who cycle to and from scouts to get lights fitted to their bikes given it is normally dark by 2100 in the evening.

Sample Camp Kit List

  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Foam roll mat (no airbeds or camp beds)
  3. Tea Towels
  4. Nightwear
  5. Warm sweaters, jumpers or sweatshirts
  6. T-shirts or similar
  7. Trousers / shorts
  8. Underclothes
  9. Socks
  10. Hankies
  11. Swimwear
  12. Wool hat, scarf and gloves
  13. Torch and spare batteries
  14. Whistle
  15. Personal first aid kit (e.g.
  16. Personal washing kit
  17. Towel
  18. Tea towels
  19. Hike boots or strong shoes (NB hiking boots are important for scouts as they offer better protection when chopping wood)
  20. Old Training shoes (these may get wet!)
  21. Waterproof (top & bottoms)
  22. Watch (optional)
  23. Notepad & Pencil
  24. Comics / Books
  25. Sun Cream
  26. Sun Hat
  27. Camping Chair
  28. Survival Bag (e.g.
  29. Plastic bags to keep dirty / wet clothes away from clean stuff!
  30. Small Rucksack, Water Bottle and Sandwich Box (for day trips on Summer Camp)
  31. Scouts are permitted to bring a small lock knife with a blade not longer than 3 inches.