The 1st Dunchurch Neckerchief (Blue with Green Edging) is provided by the group upon investiture. If this is lost a replacement can be purchased at a cost of £5 from your section leader.

The following uniform is worn:

  • Beavers: Turquoise Sweatshirt
  • Cubs: Dark Green Sweatshirt
  • Scouts: Teal Green Shirt

You don't need a uniform straightaway; best to give it a few weeks to make sure they want to carry on.

Uniforms are available from the District Scout H.Q. Newbold Footpath Off Oliver Street – marked shown on the map below. This is run by the scouting movement in Rugby and therefore profits are returned to Rugby Scouting. It is open on Thursday evenings 1900 to 2030. Uniforms are also available from White and Bishops, Clifton Road and the Uniform Centre in the town centre.