Every scout group is led by a Group Scout Leader (GSL), who has overall responsibility for the Group. It is their task to ensure that each Section in the Group has a good Leadership Team that develops the young people within the group via the delivery of a balanced programme.

All Leaders, Assistant Leaders and Section Assistants receive training and regularly go on safety and first aid courses for the well being of all the young people in their charge – these people are all unpaid volunteers who give up their free time to help with scouting in Dunchurch.


Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR - www.scouts.org.uk/por) gives us a set of procedures to follow and this is backed up by fact sheets for everything and they are available on www.scouts.org.uk. POR Rule 3.23 (The Constitution of the Scout Group) covers the running of the group but we don't expect everyone to read through all of this so here is an overview of the three key committees.

Group Scout Council

Everyone within the “family” of the group - this is the basis / purpose of the groups "AGM" which is normally held in the summer term each year.

  • approve Annual Report including accounts

  • approve the GSL’s suggested Group Chairman

  • elect a Group Secretary and Group Treasurer

  • elect certain members of the Group Executive Committee

  • appoint an auditor or independent examiner or scrutineer for accounts

Group Executive Committee

Parents + Section Leaders i.e. the parents' committee - these meeting are termly.

  • KIT - the maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment

  • CASH - the raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finance

  • INSURANCE - the insurance of persons, property and equipment

  • SOCIAL - Group public occasions (e.g. family camp / group BBQ)

  • RECRUITMENT - assisting with the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support.

Group Scouters' Meeting (All Leaders)

The leaders across the group also have a termly meeting.

  • consider the well-being and development of each Member of the Group;

  • ensure the progress of each Member through the programme;

  • plan and co-ordinate all the Group's activities;

  • to keep the Group Executive Committee advised of the financial and other resource requirements of the training programme.