Young Persons Information

We need to obtain various information and permissions related to each young person at the 1st Dunchurch. This is now collected electronically before they start at the group and regularly updated.

Disclosure and Barring Checks

As part of scouting’s child protection regime anyone over 18 years old will need to be checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS - before they can have unsupervised contact with children e.g. on family camp. This checking process is undertaken within the scout association via completion of the appropriate form. These checks expiry after five years and we'll remind people when they need to be renewed.

There is a single form for both parents or other adults who will help regularly at a section meeting or will come camping with us as well as for scout association appointments - leaders, parent committee members and sectional assistants.

Click here to download the ADULT INFORMATION FORM from

If you’ve got any question please ask one of the leaders or email via the contact us page on the website. It is actually easier than you think to fill in this form as it contains detailed instructions. Please remember that the form needs to be filled in clearly so CAPITAL LETTERS may be best.

The most important part of the process is the “Identity Checker” as per So, once the form is completed and you’ve got the original documentation together (as per the details below), please arrange to meet with a leader from the group who will complete the final bits of the form (don’t worry - it takes no more than 15 minutes) to confirm the original documentation has been seen and process the form electronically.

The ID checking process following the government's DBS checking regime. Please note that:

  • The checking Leader can only accept valid, current and original documentation
  • The checking Leader must ensure that the applicant declares all previous changes of name, and provides documentary proof to support the change of name
  • The checking Leader must not accept photocopies
  • All documents provided must be in the applicant’s current name as recorded in section A of the relevant form.

The documents needed are set out here - and the on-line scouting system will check these as part of the process.